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Building Australia's best tiny home experience.

Luxe Tiny Homes
Liveable, affordable and eco-friendly tiny homes that are designed for you.
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Services we provided
– Brand identity and logo
– Market research
– Tone of voice
– Visual identity
– Marketing collateral
– Website design
– Webflow CMS

The client

Luxe Tiny Homes has become one of the leading tiny house builders in Australia. Their motto: Build liveable, affordable and eco-friendly tiny homes.

The challenge

Launched in 2020 in the middle of the COVID pandemic, Luxe Tiny Homes began life as a construction company re-marketing themselves to build tiny homes. Demand for affordable housing and the popularity of eco-friendly tiny houses had increased to new heights. From there, Luxe Tiny Homes we born: to build liveable, affordable and eco-friendly tiny homes. As an unknown brand in the middle of 2020 pandemic, the challenge was to resonate emotionally with Australian families and communicate its value proposition.

The solution

Luxe Tiny Home had a vision on building the best tiny homes on the market. What they needed was a little bit of creativity that will help them mould the brand, visual identity and design of the website, to break through the noise of the tiny home industry and start building a company around their idea.

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