Garling and Co. Lawyers

Niche law firm offering affordable legal advice


Challenge and Solution

Garling & Co is niche lawyer firm with years of experience specialising in compensation law. Unlike typical law firms, Garling & Co are setting a new trend, priding themselves on providing the best communication and affordable legal advice with a “no win no fee” agreement in certain matters.

New marketing materials were matched to existing brand identity guidelines and styling. This was reflected in the designs, with custom illustrations used to simplify their service offerings and communicate key points of difference. A clean layout helped organise the information so it was easy to understand for the end user. The result? A modern document that helped Garling & Co standout from the competition.

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Solid Web Design. Built in Webflow

A website should be a marketing asset, not an ongoing challenge. It's why we use Webflow, a visual website builder and content management system made for marketing and design teams to edit the content yourself. Used by teams at DELL, Rakuten and Zendesk. You’ll love it.