Brand identity for a startup inspired by the land of the rising sun
  • Brand
  • Location
    Sydney, Australia
  • budget
    $2,000 - $3,400
    Adobe Illustrator

Here's the story how we branded cutting edge startup YAMA ATO to showcase their snowboard and ski storage solutions


Inspired by the land of the rising sun

YAMA ATO, the name means Mountain Art in Japanese. Inspired by Japan's history of fine craftsmenship and being a snowboarding mecca, the client wanted to incorporate the Japanese origins into the brand identity. YAMA ATO creates handcrafted timber storage solutions to showcase your snow gear as the centerpiece of any room!

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Visual Identity

How we branded YAMA ATO

It was important that we focused on simplicity, designing a logo that embodied a sense of adventure yet could instantly be recognised and one that could easily be embossed or engraved into timber.

We added accents to the T in ATO as a subtle nod to the Japanese inspiration of the name, and focused on colours that imbue trust and a true sense of adventure. We further empowered the brand by creating a smaller YA. logo that could easily fit onto snowboards, skis and future apparel, while ensuring consistency with the overall brand image.

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Visual Design

Reflecting YAMA ATO's values

YAMA ATO's aim is to create stunning showpiece solutions that are embodied with a sense of adventure and that reflect Japanese craftsmanship and detailed care. All products are handcrafted from sustainable timber, made locally in Australia and exported around the world. We found our design inspiration in YAMA ATO's image brief.

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