Villa and Oak

Luxurious home decor e-commerce brand
  • Brand
    Villa and Oak
  • Location
    Perth, Australia
  • budget
    $15,000 - $37,000
    Custom E-Commerce

Luxury home decor that required an equally stunning web design


Exclusive cozy living decor

To achieve their goals, Villa and Oak needed a stunning e-commerce website, one where shipping to all western countries was streamlined. This is where we first stepped in. We advised them on how to implement modern e-commerce strategies and built a multi-functional website to match.

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First Steps

Designing a luxury e-commerce store

We started by looking at the user experience and a customers journey as they use the website. By creating layouts with lots of white space and a darker, consistent neutral colour scheme, we envoked a sense of luxuriousness and a premium look and feel.

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Products and Collections

Understanding the target audience is paramount to each product’s presentation. Villa and Oak's customers have a refined palate for interior home design — they know exactly what they want. For this reason, we enhanced the collection pages so clients could find what they’re looking for without having to window shop.

The layout for each product page had to be aesthetically pleasing to match the quality of the home decor. Each page was optimized for efficiency, allowing customers to change product specifications quickly and easily complete a purchase.

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Responsive Design

Mobile Screens

Due to the growth of mobile e-commerce, today’s consumers expect an unparalleled user experience on mobile devices. To meet these expectations, we ensured that mobile shopping at Villa and Oak feels natural and seamless.

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