NFT Heroz

Aussie Made Digital Collectables
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    NFT Heroz
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    Melbourne, Australia
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    Web Design

A playful desgin for NFT


About the brand

NFT Heroz consists of 10,000 provably unique digital action figure collectables each created using 64-pixel art. Each of the NFT Heroz characters will be generated with custom randomly assigned outfits and traits.

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The design obstacle

Appeal to the collector

It's tough for new companies trying to get into that space with so many established players already there - but not if they know what makes collectors tick: their taste in content; where they hang-out online (and which sites offer features only available on specific platforms); pushing boundaries by stepping away from conventional wisdom or typical design patterns

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The results

How NFT Heroz came together

Using the creative artwork as inspiration, we created an eye-catching website with a witty tone of voice to establish this brand's reputation for fun and creativit. Utlising color schemes from vibrant hues like pink or blue in combination with softer grays creates balance while also adding interest - Perfect for social media posts! The use of different graphics provides variety which will appeal across audiences.

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