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Creation of an idea to help everyday people achieve a healthy zero‐carbon, future proof home


Zero-carbon homes with livability at the core of the design

The Greenest House method of building a home combines an intelligent building design to help clients enjoy reduced running costs, increased comfort, a better quality of living and improved wellbeing.  Greenest House is at the forefront of building better homes in Australia by working directly with clients and builders every step of the way. Their sustainable designs are zero carbon, affordable living spaces that can be built quickly for today's modern families!

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The Challenge

Explaining complex topics in a simple way

It is hard to know where one should start when they are looking into building zero carbon homes. The industry has so much jargon and greenwashing that it can be overwhelming for those who aren't familiar with the process. With over 15 years in the energy rating industry, the team at Greenest House has the ability to help any person build carbon neutral home. This niche is truly remarkable, the challenge was communicating what Greenest House offers, and the benefits to potential clients.

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Meeting the challenge

Visual communication was key

There is an abundance of information in the building design industry, which can leave people overwhelmed. The objective was simple - make it easy for people to understand the value of Greenest House. This was achieved by using clever graphics, videos and eye catching images. We used a little, to say it all!

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Icing on the cake

Lanning Street Project

Greenest House dont just believe zero carbon homes are achievable - They built their own to show what possible! This stunning 3 bedroom home was designed with the principals that they preach. Greenest applied their experience to design an efficient and stylish home, all while achieving a 7 star energy rating. this display home won has already won "Best display home" award for regional Victoria.

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